Recommended Resources

Every business needs to have a solid set of trusted resources behind it. Here are a few of my favorite recommended resources.

Graphic Design

Gerber Studio / Tradigital Illustration - Recommended resource

Mark Gerber of Gerber Studio is a talented graphic designer and digital illustrator who creates designs for both print and the web. If you like the images in the slider on my Home page or if my business card caught your eye, I have Mark to thank for that.

Websites, Social Media and More

Aleweb Social Marketing - Recommended resource

Tara Alemany of Aleweb Social Marketing is my go-to resource for anything related to websites, social media, brand visibility, e-mail marketing, and online productivity tools. If you need to do it online, Tara’s the one to show you how!

Working with Tara to put together my website and learning the things I need to do with it has been a pleasure. Every time we talk, all I keep thinking is “What a genius!” She really knows her stuff.