Process Improvement

Having facilitated hundreds of Process Improvement Teams (I like to call them PIT Crew teams), I can safely say it would be easy to make an argument that it’s all about Process. Poor processes, processes that aren’t followed, or no process – usually called “operating by the seat of the pants” – is a sure way for your competition to beat you and for your business to go down the tubes. It’s like trying to run a racecar with a poorly tuned engine. I’ll show you how much money is being “left on the table” due to the inefficiency caused by poor processes.

Having learned the Deming process improvement methodology under the tutelage of Ford Motor Company executives in Dearborn, MI and studying the Toyota manufacturing process at Toyota headquarters in Torrance, CA, I am a great believer in the benefits of implementing Process Improvement procedures to gain a Competitive Edge.

J. Edwards Deming is often considered the father of process improvement methodology in both this country and Japan. In fact, the National Japanese Quality Award is named after him.

Obviously, volumes have been written about him and his 14 Points. I like to describe his overall philosophy in a shorter view. Basically he said that, generally speaking, management considers that problems are created by people about 80% of the time and process only 20% of the time. (Of course, management usually created the processes.) However, he said that management has it backwards. In reality, he said, problems are caused by process 80% of the time and people only 20% of the time. That’s just the opposite of typical management thinking and behavior.

I challenge you to come to me with any problem you believe is a “people problem” and I will show you one or more process problems at the root cause of the issue.

Take me up on this challenge and let’s work towards Gaining the Competitive Edge for your business.