Management and Employee Training Workshops

How can your organization gain a competitive edge if your managers or employees are under-performing?

So what is the value of training? According to HR Magazine, companies in the top quarter in training expenditure per employee per year ($1,500 of more) average 24% higher profit margins than companies that spend less per year.

All of our live training workshops are fully customized to meet the specific needs of our client. The coursework material is focused on providing your people with a competitive edge because participants learn the “How to do” and not just the “What to do.” If you have ever left a seminar feeling excited about what you heard and an associate suddenly said that’s great and asked “exactly how do you do that?” and you found yourself stumped, you know what I mean.

As an example, you might have learned the importance of active listening, but exactly how do you listen? Hint: it’s not about hearing, because hearing is not listening.

Maybe you learned about the importance of giving employees feedback to help change behavior. But exactly how do you do that? Did you learn anything about the ABCs (Antecedent – Behavior – Consequence) of behavioral change and how to select the proper Consequence for an 80% chance of success?

Perhaps you attended a conflict resolution seminar. Did you learn how to implement the critical steps necessary to resolving the issue in a win-win manner or were you simply told what to do? Did you learn how to Disagree Diplomatically in the event the conflict issue is with your boss or a key customer? Do you know when and how to use Firm or Power Confrontation?

I believe you will discover that our training workshops are unique and provide the critical skills your people can use to successfully build the business.

Our workshops include, among others:

  • How to Listen
  • How to Negotiate Conflicts
  • Customer Retention Skills
  • Presentation skills
  • High Achiever Leadership Skills
  • Handling Difficult Conversations

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