Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria

Coaching you and your key people on implementing the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence is a sure path to business improvement. Implementing even a small section of the Criteria can have astounding results. Growth of 91% in operating income and 69% growth in sales are just some of the research numbers attributed to implementing the Baldrige Criteria. That’s Gaining a Competitive Edge.

It’s hard to ignore data, which clearly indicates that adopting the Baldrige Criteria greatly increases the chance of long-term market success and can bring a significant financial return on investment. That is why thousands of companies, both large and small, use the Baldrige Criteria as a guideline for improvement. Many of these companies have little or no interest in applying for the Baldrige Award – their objective is to improve their performance.

As an Examiner for the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award, which is based upon the Baldrige Criteria, I have studied the criteria and have seen first-hand the improvements companies can make implementing this proven methodology.

Who Was Malcolm Baldrige?

If you live in the greater Waterbury, CT, area, Malcolm Baldridge might have been your neighbor. He was Chairman and CEO of Scovill, Inc. prior to becoming Secretary of Commerce under the Reagan Administration.

What Is The Baldrige National Quality Award?

Established in 1987, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is the highest level of recognition that a U.S.-based organization can receive for performance excellence.

I think it might be America’s best-kept secret, but contact me and I’ll tell you more about it and how we can help you implement even part of the criteria for you to gain a Competitive Edge.