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Gaining the Competitive Edge

In my younger days, I was a team driver for a professional sports car racing team. Considering the level of racing in which I was participating – Sports Car Club of America National Series - finishing second, third or even fourth by anybody’s standards was considered to be “pretty darn good.” However, that was not good enough for the sponsors.

They wanted a win.

When I was doing that, I fine-tuned my driving skills so I could tell less that a pound of tire pressure difference just by the “feel” of the car on the track. It was the fine-tuning, the constant learning and adjusting, and the attention to process and detail, which made the difference between winning or finishing second or third.

It was gaining the Competitive Edge.

So how does this apply to business?

If you are a key manager or you are running your own business, you’re already “pretty darn good” at what you’re doing. If not, you would have closed shop and filed bankruptcy. Much like “would be” race drivers who, even after attending driver’s school, discovered they couldn’t handle the pressure of being in a four wheel drift in excess of 100 mph inches from a competitor. They either crashed or gave up.

Now you might ask, “how do I gain the Competitive Edge in my business so I can bring it to the next level?

The “how to” is what Chris Jensen Coaching provides. I’ll be coaching you on how to implement tools like Kaizen for continuous improvement; how to conduct a root cause analysis instead of wasting time and money trying to solve problems and discovering no improvement; how to use a powerful tool for building trust in all relationships; how to hire correctly and avoid the costly expense of miss-hires; how to identify which processes should be improved and how to implement process improvement programs and much, much more.

Meet Chris

Chris brings to his business clients over 35 years of in-depth business coaching, management consulting and training experience in the field of personal, professional, and business development. His experience and expertise in process redesign and behavioral science cuts across traditional industry boundaries and addresses the core ingredients of every business: time, money and team.[More...]